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The Best Japanese Restaurant In Abu Dhabi - About KOI

About Us

KOI is a staple in Los Angeles’ dining scene; it was founded with the idea of elevating food and hospitality to an art form. Eight years later, that art form has spread across the country and around the globe. Over the years, we have garnered a following of A-listers and spawning a slew of imitators who try to recreate the magic of the incredibly successful restaurant brand.


More recently, KOI has entered the Abu Dhabi culinary scene and we entered with a bang. By providing delectable Japanese food in Abu Dhabi, KOI has quickly established itself as one of the best Japanese restaurants in the area.


It’s all about the experience. It’s the combination of design, comfort, and quality of food. The vision for Abu Dhabi was to design a restaurant that appealed to all the senses.


This has been captured with KOI. Our secret is maintaining absolute consistency and paying extremely close attention to detail.

A Global Presence

With six locations worldwide including Bangkok, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York - Bryant Park, New York - SoHo and now here in Abu Dhabi, KOI continues to stake its claim as the international leader in contemporary Japanese cuisine.